Tatiana Bruni. Theatrical graphics.

The exposition of works by Tatyana Georgievna Bruni (1902-2001), a well-known St. Petersburg theater artist, graphic artist and teacher, was presented thanks to the finds, the help of the TsGALI and the support of the ASF. 

She is a representative of a long artistic dynasty: the granddaughter of the architect and painter Yuliy Fedorovich Bruni, the great-granddaughter of the artist Fedor Antonovich Bruni, the author of the murals of St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the rector of the Imperial Academy of Arts from 1855 to 1871. In the 1920s, Tatiana Bruni became one of the artists of the “Young Ballet”, created by George Balanchivadze (George Balanchine). In addition to ballet, Tatyana Georgievna worked in opera and drama theater. During her creative life, the artist designed more than 200 performances for theaters in Leningrad, Moscow, Kyiv, Sverdlovsk, Yaroslavl, Perm, and Saratov.