Сrimean plein air

The Crimean Plein Air is a project for supporting young artists and their teachers in creating beautiful sketches and paintings.

ASF “Kraski Zhizni” sends artists to the south of Russia (Crimea), free of charge, where they get the opportunity to work in the most beautiful places on the peninsula. 

The exhibition “Crimean Plein Air” has absorbed the works of seven St. Petersburg artists who worked in Crimea in September 2021. The audience saw a variety of creative individuals, jointed by the unity of place, time, and purpose.

Plein air is not just a sketch, it is a separate type of painting, which makes it possible to deeply absorb and live the uniqueness of a place with its landscapes, people, culture, smells and sounds. All of this inspire one to search for something new – shapes and colors, images and lines, angles and techniques. Crimea for many contemporary artists is an amazing and inexhaustible source of inspiration. Its views make you freeze with delight and, of course, you want to capture them on canvases – these are natural expanses, and sea latitudes, graceful reliefs and succulence of colors, and cultural heritage.

The paintings created in the Crimea are endowed with a special atmosphere and energy, southern flavor, and the views are revealed differently, as this place enriches the artist’s color palette – it expands, brightens, ceases to be restrained.

The works of artists are distinguished by an expressive sense of color and form, light and air, dramaturgy of great relationships between forms and color, detachment from all fuss, refinement and color subtlety, a bewitching dance of life, not only bright cheerful coloring, but also lyricism, and firmness of the hand, clarity of form.