Awarding exhibition “Discovering new names – 2022”

“Discovering new names” is an annual exhibition project that brings together young professional artists.

The purpose of the Competition is to increase interest in the fine arts and to support artists.


  • Promoting the development of Art
  • Identifying active and talented artists
  • Realizing the creative potential in the artistic environment

As part of the Competition, the Fund establishes awards from 20,000 up to 100,000 rubles. The winner is also awarded a personal exhibition for 10 days.

Theme 2022: Art and Spirituality 

The exhibition “Discovering new names” included paintings and drawings of 58 artists, having presented 71 works (2 sculptures and 69 paintings and graphic images). 

The finalists of the competition were awarded by the Art Support Fund “Kraski Zhizni”: 

  • Yandyganov Gennady – 1st place (70,000 rubles + personal exhibition for 10 days). 
  • Tsukan Dmitry – 2nd place (50,000 rubles) 
  • Davletshina Evgenia – 3rd place (30,000 rubles) 

In addition to the Fund awards, art patrons have noted and granted the following artists

  • Vershinina Alexandra 
  • Volkova Natalya 
  • Delieva Natalia 
  • Dobrovolskaya Maria 
  • Kalinina Serafima 
  • Koryashkin Alexander 
  • Nezhdanova Polina

A separate incentive in the form of a personal exhibition from the representative of the IT company “OBIT” Mikhail Telegin was granted to Tsukan Dmitry.