Exhibition series. “Homecoming. Forgotten name – Alexander Vakhrameev”

Vakhromeev’s theme was further developed. The leaders of the Arkhangelsk region, the “Museum Association” and the residents who are not indifferent to art became interested in the works of their compatriots and turned their attention to the TsGALI and the “Kraski Zhizni” gallery in order to organize the exhibition “Homecomming. Forgotten name – Alexander Vakhromeev”.

The name of the artist Alexander Ivanovich Vakhrameev is little known to a wide circle of lovers of Russian fine art. Vakhrameev died in 1926 in Petrograd.

New personal exhibition of the artist hold in Arkhangelsk. It is no coincidence that the undeservedly forgotten author returns to his roots. He was connected with the Arkhangelsk Territory not only by the place of his birth, but also by his creativity. Here, in the North, he found inspiration for many of his works, writing sincere, northern landscapes imbued with a special lyrical feeling.

The collection of the Museum Association contains a small but extremely valuable collection of paintings and drawings by Alexander Vakhrameev, relating to different periods of his work. They entered the museum in the early 1970s as a gift from the artist’s son and daughter. This small heritage represents both the early period of creativity and the works of the 1920s, created by Vakhrameev shortly before his death.

The early period is represented by pictorial sketches and graphic sheets created by the author in 1905. They are dedicated to the North – his small homeland. He repeatedly made trips along the Northern Dvina, to Arkhangelsk, to the Solovetsky Islands. The small-sized sketches depict northern villages, landscapes with genre scenes, piers with colorful types of Pomor sailors. Arkhangelsk sketches tell about the turbulent everyday life of the port city. Particularly picturesque and expressive are watercolor works with views of the Solovetsky archipelago.

The work of Alexander Vakhrameev is multifaceted. He worked in various stylistic directions: he painted realistic genre paintings, portraits in the Art Nouveau style, conveyed fleeting moments of life in the artistic language of impressionism. His works reflected the historical events of the first third of the 20th century, he created a whole galaxy of female images, but still the main theme of Vakhrameev was always the North.

The North is famous for its outstanding artists such as Alexander Borisov, Stepan Pisakhov, Nenets artist Ilya Vylka. Exhibition project “Homecoming. Forgotten name – Alexander Vakhrameev” provides a unique opportunity to expand the circle of names of northern authors and presents the Arkhangelsk audience with the work of another bright and original master, which is the fellow countryman, Alexander Vakhrameev.