Musical and literary concert “The Hour Struck!”

The musical and theatrical performance “The Hour Struck” opened the Great Easter Festival, which is traditionally organized by the Pomeranian Philharmonic.

This is a premiere based on a short story by St. Petersburg writer Andrey Loginov. He was inspired by the story of finding the manuscript of Igor Stravinsky’s “Funeral Song”. It was lost over 100 years ago and was discovered in 2015.

Performed by: The State Symphony Orchestra of the Leningrad Region under the direction of Mikhail Golikov.

Andrey Loginov, writer, poet, St. Petersburg
“There is so much musical text in this short story that, of course, is worth showing it to the general public. Precisely by combining it with musical compositions, works by both Stravinsky and Rimsky-Korsakov.”

Vasily Larionov, director of the Pomor Philharmonic
“It is very important to understand that this is the All-Russian premiere. I would like to focus on this. Prior to this, the show was demonstrated only once. It was held at the Saint Petersburg Academic Philharmonia Named After D. D. Shostakovich