Musical and literary concert «The Hour Struck!»

The world premiere took place on November 24, 2021 at the Great Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic. The author of the short story, master Loginov, told the amazing story of the discovery of the scores for the “Funeral Song” (Opus No. 5) by the young composer Igor Stravinsky. 

“Funeral Song” was written on the death of a beloved teacher – Rimsky-Korsakov – and performed only once in St. Petersburg at a memorial concert. Then the notes disappeared! The composer was looking for a work throughout his life, but it was never found. During the renovation of the conservatory in 2015, Opus No. 5 was accidentally discovered. The best orchestras in the world have performed the lost and revived work in many countries. 

In St. Petersburg, it was performed also once -by the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra conducted by Gergiev.

In November 2021, the residents of the city were able to hear the sad sounds of the wonderful work of the young composer for the third time. As part of the musical project, the ASF announced a competition among artists “Dedication to Stravinsky”. The best work was awarded with a prize.