Exhibition series. “Alexander Vakhrameev. Selected”

The exhibitions organized by the ASP together with the Central Archive of Literature and Art of St. Petersburg (TsGALI) received public outcry from the artistic community and archivists. 

An extremely important mission in the selection of material and the presentation of artists belongs to the director of the archive, Lyudmila Igorevna Nikolaeva. She invited Violetta Prigogina to familiarize herself with a modest archival folder containing rather dilapidated sheets of graphics and paintings by the artist Alexander Vakhromeev (1874-1926), a native of the Arkhangelsk region, a professor at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg and a student of Ilya Repin. 

The idea arose to present an exposition of works in the gallery “Kraski Zhizni” once in demand, but today a forgotten master. It took painstaking work to arrange the material, which had been hidden for a long time in archival folders with the inscription “Keep forever”, into wonderful expositions worthy of reputable museums. Lyudmila Igorevna contacted the artist’s relatives and collectors. As a result, the exhibition presented graphic and pictorial works, magnificent portraits and archival materials about the life of the master.