Exhibition of children’s works “A Pancake for the whole world!”

March, 16 at 11:30 at the A. Bryantsev Youth Theater will host the opening of the exhibition “A Pancake for the whole world!”, where works of the art gallery “Kraski Zhizni” young residents will be presented.
The tradition of holding exhibitions of childrens’ art has existed in the Youth Theater for more than 50 years; in addition, the theater regularly hosts various thematic exhibitions; in 2023, an exhibition of the decorative and applied arts and photography competition “Modern Heritage of Russia” was held.
Exhibition “A Pancake for the whole world!” will be the first joint project of the Youth Theater and the “Kraski Zhizni” gallery with the assistance of the ASF “Kraski Zhizni”. The exhibition will be timed to coincide with the celebration of the ancient folk festival Maslenitsa, which this year will be held from March 11 to 17.

At the exhibition, young artists of the “Kraski Zhizni” gallery will present paintings with their favorite characters from Russian and foreign fairy tales, who, thanks to the imagination of children, will find themselves at the Maslenitsa holiday!
On the opening day of the exhibition from 14:30 to 15:30, after the performance “The Little Humpbacked Horse,” a master class will be held for children from the orphanage by the gallery’s art teacher Maria Veselovskaya.

At the master class, children, under the guidance of an experienced teacher, will be able to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of art and create a moving toy “Miracle Yudo Fish-Whale”, which will exactly repeat the literary hero from the fairy tale “The Little Humpbacked Horse” by Pyotr Ershov.

The exhibition will last from March 16 to March 31.
Entrance to the exhibition with tickets purchased for theater performances.