SAVE NOt DESTROY. Violetta Prigozhina

Today, here are not many artists who touch on such a timely topic of cultural heritage, as well as the issue of preserving architectural monuments and the loss of unique natural objects.

Each of her landscapes, be it the ruins of destroyed Palmyra, an abandoned estate or the motif of a temple that can no longer be restored, has a quality of tangibility of the images seen that is rare for even professional painters to convey.

In any of the submitted works, an attentive viewer can see a sensitive and reverent attitude to the plot, carefully written details and a desire to convey the idea of what important things are leaving us irrevocably. But, despite the seriousness of the topic, the brightness of the picturesque tones inspires hope in the viewer, inviting once again to remind and seriously think about the issues of our time, to reflect on the importance of historical memory in individual nations and humanity as a whole. I can only sincerely rejoice that a person who understands art as an effective language for talking about the cultural code of our century has occupied a strong niche in our artistic community.

Andrey Nikolaevich Bazanov,
Chairman of the Board of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.

Exhibition Center “Hermitage-Vyborg”
Art gallery “Kraski Zhizni”
Art Support Fund “Kraski Zhizni”

The exhibition will be held at the Hermitage-Vyborg Exhibition Center from 03/20/2024 to 04/02/2024. Free admission.