Exhibition series. “Alexander Vakhrameev. Selected”

The exhibition will be held in the Italian Hall of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts from 03/14/2024 to 03/28/2024. Free admission.

Alexander Ivanovich Vakhrameev is a bright figure in Russian art of the early twentieth century. A talented student of Ilya Repin, a leading figure of the Russian academic school, Vakhrameev is rightfully considered a worthy successor to the best traditions of Russian realistic art. The extraordinary artist became a professor at the Academy of Arts, won the respect of his colleagues and was a sought-after master of his time. Among his students are famous painters and graphic artists – G. N. Traugot, Yu. A. Vasnetsov, E. I. Charushin.

The exhibition at the Academy of Arts is a significant stage in presenting the master’s legacy. It contains more than 80 works of painting and graphics from the collections of the descendants of Ivan Lukich Dolinsky – Olga Andreevna Florenskaya and Irina Vladimirovna Gerasimova, as well as works and archival documents stored in TsGALI St. Petersburg.

Vakhrameev was one of the first to show the transformation of imperial Petersburg into revolutionary Petrograd. Satirical sketches of city residents – poses, facial expressions – clearly make it clear the author’s attitude, taken by surprise by the storm of the revolution, to the new government.

The portrait genre is one of the artist’s strengths. The master does not strive only to capture the image truthfully and accurately; he sets himself complex tasks of psychological analysis.

The expressive and subtly felt images of Alexander Vakhrameev carry through time the traditions of the Russian realistic school, combining the international features of impressionism and modernism.

Paintings by Alexander Ivanovich Vakhrameev are kept in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the State Hermitage, the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg, the Church-Archaeological Cabinet of the Moscow Orthodox Theological Academy, as well as in the Penza Regional Art Gallery named after K. A. Savitsky.

Organizers of the exhibition:

St. Petersburg Academy of Arts named after. Ilya Repin
St. Petersburg Literature and Arts Archives, Central State (TsGALI)
Art gallery “Kraski Zhizni”
Art Support Fund “Kraski Zhizni”