Cultural heritage. Samson Sukhanov

Together with Stolbova Valentina Petrovna, expert in the S. K. Sukhanov’s art, the Fund organizes a new project “Cultural Heritage. Samson Sukhanov” among artists.

The artists’ goal is to depict places from the archival list of documents.

Objective of the project:

  • Increasing interest in the works of S.K. Sukhanov;
  • Increasing interest in cultural heritage;
  • Artist support

The project “Cultural Heritage of Stonecutter Samson Sukhanov” was conceived as living proof that time leaves imprints on the history of states and peoples, while embankments, columns, and monuments carved from granite remain eternal witnesses and guardians of the cultural code of the city and the Masters who created it. Samson Sukhanov is a master of stone crafts from Arkhangelsk, who worked in St. Petersburg at the beginning of the 19th century. The project of the art gallery and the Art Support Fund “Kraski Zhizni” returns to lovers of art and our city a forgotten name – SAMSON SUKHANOV, whose work reflects modern paintings by artists, among whom, perhaps, we will discover a new name.

Within the Competition, awards are established for 2 nominations (“professional” and “beginner”).
23 artists took part in the Competition.

List of participants in the “Beginner” category:
Bakhrova Vladislava
Burmistrova Olga
Guryev Yaroslav
Ivanyuk Ekaterina
Kalashnikova Yulia
Lima Alina
Lyapina Yulia
Medvedeva Elena
Falko Olga
Fokina Yulia

List of participants in the “Professional” category:
Achkasova Irina
Belich Alisa
Bulgakova Yulia
Vedernikova Ekaterina
Kalinina Serafima
Kugaevsky Andrey
Makukhina Olena
Mashkarova Tatyana
Murasheva Elena
Podporina Maria
Selyavina Irina
Susarenko Maria
Tikhonov Artem

List of winners:
Nomination: “Beginner”
1st place – Category: painting – Burmistrova Olga – 25,000 rubles.
1st place – Category: graphics – Kalashnikova Yulia – 25,000 rubles.

Nomination: “Professional”
1st place – Category: graphics – Vedernikova Ekaterina – 60,000 rubles.
2nd place – Category: graphics – Susarenko Maria – 40,000 rubles.
1st place – Category: painting – Tikhonov Artem – 50,000 rubles.