Charity project “The Road Home”

A charity project with a creative program for mobilized families, with both lectures and art classes, is an extremely necessary and important initiative that sets many tasks and goals, which were fully realized over the course of 1.5 months. Such a project not only created conditions for parents and children for joint cultural and educational activities, but also contributed to the development of their creative potential.

In the modern world, where more and more attention is paid to technological progress, it is important not to forget about the development of creative thinking and imagination. That is why one of the main goals of the project was to foster love to creativity and art in children. Various activities and workshops allow them to learn new skills and unleash their artistic potential. For this purpose, the gallery’s teachers developed a program where each lesson introduced participants to new material and how to transform it into a painting.

Such activities helped families expand their cultural horizons, as well as acquire theoretical and practical skills. Thanks to this, parents were able to share their knowledge and experience with their children, and the children opened up to adults an extraordinary view of the world around them and an unconventional presentation of ideas. Such a union created a real family atmosphere of mutual understanding and support, which is so necessary for all project participants. Each family gained valuable experience and created a gallery of unique works.

An important part of the project for the families is the organization of a charity event aimed at transferring the projects created within the program to soldiers. The purpose of such an event is to achieve psychological support and motivation for soldiers who are in military service. Projects created together with families can become not only a symbol of support, but also a means of expressing gratitude and recognition.

Here you can watch a video with our young participants.