About the Fund

The “Kraski Zhizni” Art Support Fund (ASF), founded in 2019, was created to support and promote the fine arts, as well as develop the creative potential of young artists.

Since the beginning of 2020, the Fund has been operating in the following areas: educational programs, holding art competitions, developing and implementing exhibition projects, and publishing.

“Discovering New Names” is the first exhibition project that began during the pandemic and subsequently became an annual event.

The Art Support Fund, together with the “Kraski Zhizni” Gallery, organized several high-profile and resonant exhibitions that are significant for the entire art community (exhibition of works by artist Shilun Jiang).

The exhibitions organized by the ASF together with the Central Archive of Literature and Art of St. Petersburg (TsGALI) received public outcry from the artistic community and archivists (exhibitions of works by Tatiana Bruni and Alexander Vakhrameev).
One of the most significant projects of the ASP was the musical and literary concert “The Hour Struck!” in the Great Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic (novel’s author – Andrei Loginov). As part of the musical project, the ASF announced a competition among artists “Dedication to Stravinsky”.

The project of adaptation assistance to families raising children from orphanages deserves special attention. It is not uncommon practice for children to receive free subscriptions to master classes from the ASF if their parents are unable to purchase them. ASF has announced competitions for artists specializing in mural painting. The St. Petersburg AIDS Center is decorated with a wonderful panel with Freddie Mercury.

We have many more projects that are being developed in the field of art, and aim at not helping only artists, but also open the beautiful world of art to everyone.